Thursday, November 13, 2008

an add kids nursery rhyme

this little piggy went to market
this little piggy went home
this little piggy had roast beef
this little piggy had none
this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

according to wikipedia this nursery rhyme was published in 1728...which led me to the conclusion that attention deficit disorder (ADD) has been around for a long time....I can understand that one pig goes to the market/one stays home/one goes wee wee wee all the way home/but somewhere in the middle i get lost...where does roast beef come from all of a sudden...

i thought it would be fun to subsitute our own add phrase into those slots and see what we have:

this little piggy went to market
this little piggy went home
this little piggy hey did you know milk is on sale at kroger
this little piggy had no milk
this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

please share with me your add little piggy rhyme

good thoughts

lots of fun things to report:

shotgun season opens saturday i will be up before the sun waiting on bambi...hopefully my freezer will be blessed with lots of delicious deer meat...

the indiana christian youth convention asked me back to emcee their event next weekend...i have been working with matt mcconnell on some new characters and some fun games to play which include...
a german body builder named hansworth villhelm hagen dazen (but you can call me lars)
80s hair metal rocker david st. hubbins from spinal tap (complete with black jeans and the neon green skeleton shirt)
and a crazed batman fan

our games will include a thy master race/rock band challenge/create your own superhero with the audience/and a huge paper airplane competition

also christmas is quite upon a month we will be two weeks away from christmas much of a crazy thought is that...almost as crazy as the thought that i am almost done with my christmas shopping...i actually have had a moment to breathe this year...its nice...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


as you may have noticed i haven't been doing well on my gettin skinnie blog....its very disappointing to me that i let it slip away....i have been working with katie on how i can get back  into good habits and get back on track....we are keeping food journals and talking about it nightly...essentially a blog that only she is reading i guess...its discouraging but if i am going to work at getting healthy and losing weight it is going to be my decision and my hard work...

speaking of losing weight....i went to the national youth workers convention this weekend in pittsburgh and a dream of mine came true....i was able to eat a Roethlis-burger from Peppis in Pittsburgh...

the main sessions as well as the breakout sessions were really encouraging as well as helpful to what we are trying to do here at Park Chapel...

i hope that all of you are doing well and can't wait to see some of you very soon...