Friday, January 29, 2010

friday morning face

elsie is asleep in her swing...

katie is catching up on some much needed rest...

and i am trying to catch up by listening to sports talk radio...i would be watching espn...but i don't want turn the tv on and thus wake up my sleeping wife...hence the huge radio headphones...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

movies worth seeing

here are a couple of movies that i would highly recommend...

last weekend we took several high school students to see a movie called 'to save a life'

the movie revolves a character named jake taylor who is living the teenage dream. he is good looking, popular, star athlete, and has the admiration of everyone especially his cheerleader girlfriend....jake starts to evaluate his life as the result of a significant event in his life. he begins to ask himself the question 'what is the point?'

for those of us who work with teens its a must see.

the second movie that is a must see is called 'the worlds fastest indian'

oddly enough this movie is not about m. night shyamalan running track. its about an older new zealand gentleman who lives out his dream of racing at the salt flats on his 1920 indian motorcycle. it is such a wonderful movie and one that every guy needs to see.

let me know what you think of these movies when you see them. and enjoy

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


when did the nfl waterboy start squirting the gatorade/water into the players mouth?

i have been thinking about this all football season...does this man really get paid to squirt water into the mouths of nfl players? and what happens if he misses and squirts him in the face like in the picture above...does the player tackle him?

i think i would really like to have my own h20 squirter...that way i wouldn't ever have to put my bible down or look away from the computer as i am working on a lesson...i could just cock my head a little bit to the side and open my mouth for a nice blast of monster energy drink or a shot of hot coffee...

wouldn't that be great!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

on being a dad

i can't seem to help myself these days...i am much more emotional...i can't seem to listen to a song or watch a lifetime movie ( just kidding) without getting all teary eyed...i blame it on my daughter...

who is perfect by the way....

i think the lack of sleep coupled with the hormones my wife is emitting from her body is to blame...either way...i love being a dad and i love this little girl...more to come about her